Our Vision

The Orange Blossom starts at the heart of a group of young people passionate and determined to change the face of the future.

We are living in a world where, every day, conflict, poverty and violence are the subject of the majority of headlines, the only way to make a change is to become the change.








Based in London, we raise money for larger charities shown below. We are focused in the Middle East, and will expand to build orphanages, youth centres, day-care centres, therapy centres for parents as well as making connections between different cultures across the world.

We believe that each child is born equal, and should be treated as such, not only today, but for every day in the future. 

"The project aims to highlight the importance of addressing mental health care as a vital aspect of maintaining a normal and happy life, specifically in traumatic environments.

A ground-breaking initiative to conduct a post-disaster psychological assessment, which resulting in targeted interventions for children"